Style by Lyle Privacy Policy

Our contact details 

Name: Suzie Lyle

Phone Number: 07831 232098



We are required by law to protect your personal information under the current GDPR regulations in regards to storing, handling and using any personal data on file.


The type of personal information we collect


We currently collect the following information:

  • Client personal information i.e. Name, Address, Contact numbers and email address 

  • Technical information such as colour formulas and relevant test results

  • Photographs - All images taken are for marketing purposes and will be used on my website and social media accounts only

How we get the personal information and why we have it

Most of the personal information we process is provided to us directly by you for one of the following reasons:

  • Client details are held so that I can contact you regarding future appointments and queries.  Addresses are required as I run a mobile service.

  • Technical information is held for the purpose of tracking relevant colours and treatments used along your hair journey.

  • Imagines of your hair are required for the purpose of marketing on my website and social media

We do not share this information with any third party.  Any personal information can be viewed by yourself only.  We will not pass or sell your information under any circumstances.

How we store your personal information


Your information is securely stored at home as a client record which is password protected and will not be shown to anyone.  We keep information for 2 years from date of service. After this period if you are not a current client information will be destroyed.


Due to Covid 19 we are currently requested by law to store your contact information for 21 days and provide a contact if necessary to assist with the NHS Track and Trace.